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Fund Raising

Christie auctioneer

Fundraising Auctions

Richard Madley has helped raise millions over the past 25 years as the auctioneer of choice for:

The Lords Taverners, The Italian–American Cancer Foundation, The Terrence Higgins Trust, The Child Guidance Center of Connecticut, The Tommy Hilfiger Foundation, The Safer London Foundation, Berkshire Downs Syndrome Trust, The Altzheimers Society, The Silversmiths and Jewellers Society, The Princes Trust and many others.

At any charity fund raiser it is often the auction which can add value to the event and is frequently the most profitable part of the evening. It is essential therefore that the person conducting the auction has the credentials to maximise your return. You cannot afford to leave this important role to a talented but inexperienced amateur who may not have the skills to raise top dollar

Richards skill, tenacity and sense of humour will increase your take on the night. Your audience will appreciate that you have hired a professional auctioneer and will respond accordingly. Often this is the most important (and profitable) part of the event and it is essential that it goes well. With Richard at the helm you have secured the right man!

Public Speaking

Richard is well used to standing up and addressing large or smaller groups – either after dinner, lunch or afternoon tea! He can speak on a variety of subjects depending on the audience.

“Have gavel-will travel. Confessions of an international fine arts auctioneer” charts the life story of an aspiring young saleroom porter who ends up President of an international auction company.

“Freddie Flintoff – how much am I bid?” – recounts the story behind the ground breaking IPL player auctions and the role I played in this historic event.

“Call yourself an expert?” – the interactive auction game
This is a fun and interactive “mock” auction competition where your guests are invited to become the valuers of, and ultimately the bidders for, a range of antiques and collectors items.

I provide the antiques – ranging from oriental carpets to clocks – which are fully described to one and all. They are then invited to write down the auction value of each item on the specially prepared bidding form.

The fun begins when they are then invited to participate in a mock auction whereby they bid what they have written down on their forms! Prizes are awarded for the most accurate valuers – with special prizes for those who didn’t get quite as close. I provide the antiques, forms and prizes and you sell as many tickets as possible!

Always popular and a lot of fun!

Show & Tell

This ever popular fund raiser is based on our favourite TV programme – “The Antiques Roadshow” – whereby guests are invited to bring along an object for identification and valuation. In a short space of time I will attempt to appraise and value the majority of the goods brought along and share my knowledge with the audience. It is educational and informative and fun – when I invite the audience to guess the values!


My charges are based on the size of the event and your financial goals. I try to be competitive and ensure that our aims are aligned. Rather than commit to something in writing, I would much prefer to speak to you. Please however bear in mind that I live near Bath – so that Sunderland is a stretch!