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A stalwart of the IPL story since inception in 2008

The safe hands behind one of the biggest auctions in the world for the past 10 years

The ever-present Anchor, known for his unstoppable vocal cords and British charm

One of the world’s leading Sporting Auctioneers

The famed and much adored ‘Hammer Man’

Richard Madley

Fair and Friendly

My father was an auctioneer and taught me always to remember the three “F”’s – a good auctioneer should be FIRM , FAIR & FRIENDLY.

These are the three elements I try to embrace when conducting the IPL Auction. Despite the pressure of being the only ‘umpire’, I do want people to see that I’m human after all.

Bargain Hunt

Away from ruling IPL D-Day, Richard is an auction expert for the BBC TV game show ‘Bargain Hunt’ – Britain’s most popular daytime TV programme.

Having made regular TV and radio appearances on BBC and ITV, Richard was one of the pioneers who helped BBC prime time favourite ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ become such a success in the USA.

His time in New York saw him conducting auctions of baseball memorabilia, where he raised several thousand dollars for worthy sporting charities and appeared alongside Gary Player, Derek Jeter (New York Yankees) and Keith Hernandez (New York Mets).

He was the last person to conduct an auction at the top of the ill-fated Twin Towers in New York.

Richard’s life in the auction room is built on the foundation of a 40 year love affair with furniture, a fascination for oriental carpets, a passion for 20th century British Art and a proud obsession with sport.

An unexpected invitation from IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi and IMG Head Andrew Wildblood to conduct the inaugural player auction resulted in the most extraordinary day in this auctioneer’s life.

Well-versed in selling Impressionist paintings and Chinese works of art for millions of dollars, Madley was now confronted with how much to ask for Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Chris Gayle and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The rest, as they say, is cricket folklore…

Public Speaking

Richard is available to meet, greet and share his experiences in the unique role of IPL auctioneer over the past decade, and celebrate his IPL celebrity to engage fans across the tournament.

Public Speaking

‘M.S. Dhoni – how much am I bid?’ – Confessions of the IPL Auctioneer

  • Richard recounts the story behind the first ground breaking IPL player auction and the constant role he has played in this historic event ever since.
  • A unique insight into the man most recently described by The London Times  as “the most important man in cricket” (for two days!)

Auction Competition

‘Call yourself an IPL expert?’ – The Interactive Auction Game

  • A fun and engaging IPL ‘mock’ auction competition where participants are invited to become the team owners and build their very own team by bidding competitively against other franchises.